Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

At Anago of Orange County, we take pride in providing second-to-none customer satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience, Anago has devised a meticulous seven-point plan that results in customer satisfaction time and time again. Our commercial cleaning specialists have perfected the ability to deliver top-notch cleaning services efficiently and effectively.

The Anago Plan includes:

  • Customized cleaning plans—Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual business so that you are never paying for unnecessary services.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products—We are committed to green cleaning by using non-toxic, reusable, and sustainable products. Our eco-friendly products kill bacteria and leave your workspace visibly cleaner.
  • Constant customer support—Our customer service representatives are working around the clock to ensure you always receive the service you need.
  • Open and detailed communication—In order to keep you informed of our work, we supply you with detailed notes in daily logs about what was done.
  • Ensuring safety and security—Each one of our cleaning specialists has undergone extensive background checks and is fully licensed and bonded. They have also been fully trained on how to keep your belongings and assets protected.
  • SmartClean™ program—We have developed a rotational cleaning technology that ensures that no task is left undone and your business is always spotless.
  • Advanced cleaning methods—Our specialists are continually being trained in optimal cleaning methods and strategies to ensure you receive the most efficient and effective services.

Trust Our Specialists to Keep Your Business Spotless

Helping your business thrive is our goal. We will take care of your cleaning while you focus on the important stuff. We are highly trained and experienced and work incredibly hard to keep your space looking and feeling clean. You do not have to worry with Anago of Orange County on your side.

Call Anago of Orange County today at (949) 518-0660 for a free on-site consultation.